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Wynn’s Advanced Engine Treatment 325ml

Wynn’s Advanced Engine Treatment improves the lubricating and cleaning properties of engine oils, reduces friction and prevents formation of black sludge and varnish. Compatible with all mineral, synthetic, single and multi-grade oils and suitable for regular and low SAPS applications. Does not harm catalytic converters.

Wynn’s ATF Flush 325ml

Automatic Transmission Fluid And ATF Type Power Steering Flush Wynn’s ATF And Power Steering Flush Has Been Scientifically Formulated To Provide Complete Flushing And Cleaning Of Automatic Gearboxes And ATF Type Power Steering Systems.

Wynn’s Cylinder Block Seal 325ml

For internal and External permanent seals
Wynn’s Cylinder Block Seal repairs cracks in cylinder block with ease and efficiency. This product can be used to seal small to large cracks. The application varies per type.

Wynn’s Diesel Treatment 375ml

With Anti-microbial Biocide & Cetane improver
Diesel Treatment is the complete Diesel additive to maintain best performance in all conditions. Cleans Injectors, reduces soot emissions and keeps EGR and DPF systems clean with Cerium Technology, Biocide kills algae and micro-organisms, flow improver prevents diesel waxing to well below freezing point. Added lubricity extends injector life and lubricates fuel pump. Assists with water separation by demulsifying the fuel and water for easy and complete removal through the water trap.

Wynn’s Engine Diff & Gearbox Stop Leak 375ml

For Petrol and Diesel Engines Corrects internal and external oil leaks resulting from shrunken rubber seals, gaskets, O-rings and piston wear and tear. Stops oil leaks past valve stem seals as well as blow-by Rejuvenates seals.

Wynn’s Mis-fueling Engine Protect 375ml

Wynn’s Misfuelling Engine Protector, protects an engine in the event of petrol mistakenly pumped into a diesel fuel tank. If you misfuel or put the wrong fuel into your fuel tank, there are some specific problems that you must be aware of. Adding Petrol into a Diesel engine can have catastrophic repercussions which could result in major damage to engine parts. Wynn’s Misfuelling Engine Protector treats up to 10% of incorrect fuel contamination.

Wynn’s Oil System Flush 375ml

For Mineral and Synthetic oil
Wynn’s Oil System Flush is specifically developed to meet the latest Euro spec vehicle and oil demands, performing complete oil system cleaning from the sump through to the narrow oil galleries and channels, preparing the entire system for optimal performance when the new oil is added.

Wynn’s Power Boost Petrol 325ml

Octane Booster
Power Boost is a catalytic converter safe, octane enhancing additive for high performance petrol engines with knock sensor technology. The increased octane provides more power than would be delivered using standard fuel.

Wynn’s Power Steering & ATF Conditioner 375ml

Conditioning fluid rejuvenates elastimer seals in power steering or auto transmissions systems
Wynn’s Power Steering & Auto-transmission Conditioner is an oil soluble supplement developed to eliminate PAS (Power assisted Steering) stiffness, shudder and noise as well as ease shifting of automatic gearboxes. Prevents oil leaks by rejuvenating the seals while maintaining optimum performance of the PAS pump and load bearing components. Wynn’s Power Steering & Auto-transmission Conditioner can be added to all conventional ATF and power steering fluid.

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